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Plásticos Cusen, S.L is a family business that was founded in 1988 by Ramón Sólvez and José Navarro. In its beginnings, the company was exclusively dedicated to carrying out tooling and plastic injection work. However, over the years, Plásticos Cusen has grown to become much more.

Today we have a large team of professionals in the sector willing to advise and guide the client from minute one and throughout the process in order to be able to carry out any project you want.

Injection capacity of complex parts

We inject all kinds of parts, even those that require the incorporation of inserts or screws

Assembly of parts and special packaging

We have options for all kinds of needs

Multiple finishes in our pieces

Chrome plating, screen printing, painting and lacquering

We work for all sectors

From the funeral sector through the furniture and bathroom sector to the automotive and lighting sector


Frequent questions
At Plásticos Cusen we can manufacture parts weighing up to 5 kg. For example, we manufacture basins, chairs, buckets, sinks, pots, etc.
No. There are clients who already have moulds, but do not have injection capacity. Or, on the contrary, clients who are exclusively dedicated to plastic injection, but the part of the tooling is left uncovered. Yes, it is true that carrying out a complete mold manufacturing and injection parts service is usually more advantageous in terms of costs (they can become quite cheap) and in that the responsibility for the entire process falls on the same company.
o Offers versatility and speed. It allows the design and manufacture of any type of product in a multitude of materials.
o It allows to reduce costs when produced on a large scale.
o Enables the creation of more specific pieces and more complicated designs, with more details.
o It is possible to make multiple finishes on the piece, in terms of textures and colors.
It is best to have a 3D plan of the part. But if this is not the case, it could be enough to send us an image of the piece with the measurements and weight or a physical sample of it, indicating the material with which it would be manufactured and if there is any specific technical requirement. It would also be convenient to know the estimated production of the piece to adjust the budget to the maximum.
It's okay, we can solve it. The ideal is to have it clear from the beginning, but sometimes when testing the mold the client needs to make some change to perfect the part.
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